This collection of historical microscopes started as part of my routine work. Like many collectors I have known over the years, I practice microscopy as part of my profession (in archaeology). Needing a good portable polarizing microscope for fieldwork, I started acquiring available instruments. As these proved unsatisfactory, my search was expanded to past models. At the same time I designed my dream microscope. In due time the collection has been altered to include selected milestone microscopes having significant historical importance. This is the collection's online catalog.


Goren Microscope Collection

Besides being an archaeologist, I am an enthusiastic collector and researcher of historical microscopes. Three decades of experience in microarchaeology, that is: the study of archaeological materials and other cultural heritage on the micro scale, have brought me to practice, teach and examine the use of microscopes on a daily basis. In many cases I needed to apply microtechniques in unorthodox conditions: in the field, in remote storage facilities, in museums in my country and abroad and in other unusual situations. As part of my job, and later as a declared hobby, I examined the history of the solutions that were set up over the last 200 years for the needs of scientists acting outside their labs. I published several articles on these topics. I also developed my own patented, now commercially produced field microscope, which I use for my routine fieldwork.

This site is dedicated to my collection of ~100 historical microscopes including some milestone models used by the pioneers of microscopy, microbiology, bacteriology, geology, and other scientific disciplines. It includes simple, compound pre-achromatic and achromatic landmark instruments representing the evolution of the compound microscope, and last, my own design of a useful  field microscope. 

I will be delighted to address any legitimate comment or question.

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