1850-1960, Petrographic Microscopes and Accessories

Tourmaline Tongs (c.1860)
Inv. YG-20-010
Hartnack Stand IIIA, 1868
Inv. YG-15-007
Prototype microscope(?), ~1875
Inv. YG-17-011
Beck Lithological Prototype, 1880
Inv. YG-21-020
Voigt & Hochgesang ~1890
Inv. YG-19-014
Swift Dick of O.T. Jones, 1891
Inv. YG-19-019
Leitz Wetzlar petrographic, 1908
Inv. YG-20-009
Leitz Berek Universal Stage, 1924
Inv. YG-20-017
Leitz 6 Integrating Stage, ~1935
Inv. YG-20-01
Microscope of A. Marcus, 1955
Inv. YG-15-008
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