Nachet et Fils, Microscope de dissection et d’observation, nouveau modèle, 1856-62


This is the small inclining microscope by Nachet et fils, dating to circa 1860. The petite modèle was made by Nachet over a long time with several changes through its sequence of existance. 
Dating the Nachet microscopes is difficult, as they bear no serial numbers. This microscope has engraved on the "Nachet et Fils, Rue Serpente 16, Paris", so it was made between 1856 and 1862 when he worked at this address.
Scientific work made with this model: A  petite modèle by Nachet was used by Louis Pasteur in his study of the vine phylloxera pests and the spontaneous generation of species. Pasteur used several types of microscopes throughout his career, and the microscope that he used in the early years of his research is now displayed in the Science Museum in London.

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