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Tioyda MKH (3rd series) Field Hospital Microscope, 1945


The Tioyda MKH or "Mkatera Portable", was developed in 1929 by Tiyoda microscopes of Tokyo (now Sakura Finetek Japan Co., Ltd.), copying from the earlier Reichert “Heimdal” model, mainly for the army or animal doctors. During World War II this model was used by the Imperial Japanese Army as the standard microscope for the field hospitals in the frontlines.


The microscope is outfitted with 5x and 10x oculars, 2 position turret, 10x/0.30, 40x/0.65, and 90x/1.25 NA oil achromatic RMS objectives and a small vial with immersion oil.

In the literature concerning this model there was much confusion about its dating, operational performance and models. All this has been sorted out by Phillips (2014) . According to his thorough work, this microscope (S.N. 20009) may be dated to the end of World War II, sometime during 1945 or in the early post-war years. 

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