Watson & Sons “Service II” 1952, of the first generation of microscopes acquired by the Hadassah Medical School

This fine instrument, typical of the 1950s design, was acquired by the Hadassah University Medical Center for training students in histology. Apart of bearing a Hebrew University inventory number, the cover plate on the upper part of the limb is engraved: Heb. Univ. Med. School.

The Faculty of Medicine was planned to be established still in the late 1940s, but the events of Israel’s Independence War, especially the attack in Jerusalem on the convoy of armored vehicles in April 13th 1948, where 78 staff members and professors from the Hadassah Medical Center were killed, postponed the opening of the School of Medicine till 1949. Yet the first registration of regular students to the full academic program began only in 1952. This microscope was purchased during the same year for training these students in histology.