Wild M-11, 1954, one of the first ten microscopes acquired by Tel Aviv University

This specimen is one of the first ten microscopes purchased in 1954 by the Academic Institute of Natural Sciences, later to become Tel Aviv University. After the establishment of the State of Israel, Haim Levanon, Mayor of Tel Aviv till 1959, actively campaigned for the founding in Tel Aviv of a second Israeli university. Despite much objection, the idea was eventually realized on August 16, 1953, when the Municipal Council of Tel Aviv-Jaffa decided to transform the Biological-Pedagogical Institute into the Academic Institute of Natural Sciences, which would form the core of a future university. It was located at the Abu Kabir campus in southern Tel Aviv, and had 24 students in its first year. A set of ten Wild M11 microscopes including this one was acquired, to form the core of the scientific training of these students.

Another item of the same lot of ten is on display in a special case with a commemorative brass plate in the lobby of the Senate Building.

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