Single Microscopes 1650-1850
Single lens microscopes from the Age of the Enlightenment through to the early 19th century, from the first observations by van Leeuwenhoek to the journey of Charles Darwin on the Beagle
Compound Microscopes, 1700-1900
Compound microscopes from the Enlightenment to the Age of Exploration, from Robert Hook and his Micrographia to the discoveries in microbiology by Pasteur and Koch.
Petrographic Microscopes 1860-1950
Microscopes designed to observe and measure the optical properties of minerals and other crystalline materials, acting as sophisticated spectrometers of visible light.
Outstanding 20th C. Microscopes
Landmark, rare or highly innovative microscopes from the era of standardization and mass production.
Microscopy and Israel
Historical microscopes from Israeli universities, Israeli-made microscopes and my own microscope design.
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