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Carpenter & Westley, New Improved Compound Microscope for Opake and Transparent Objects, 1835


Philip Carpenter (1776–1833) was a maker of scientific instruments starting in 1808. The original location of the shop was in Birmingham, but later he moved to Regent Street, London, where he  also opened a public gallery and shop called "the Microcosm."  He worked at this location until his death in 1833. After Philip's death his sister Mary took over the firm along with her husband William Westley. Soon thereafter (1835) firm changed its name to "Carpenter & Westley". Their manufacture of scientific instruments gradually decreased into the1850s until finally the firm of Carpenter & Westley evolved entirely into sales. At that time the manufacture of instruments was done by the firm of Negretti and Zambra until Carpenter & Westley closed shop permanently in 1914.
The "Improved Compound Microscope" was Carpenter's best instrument. It was later sold by Carpenter & Westley, the address on this item (111 New St., Birmingham) suggests an early date of ca. 1835.

Provenance: Previously from the collection of Prof. Brian Stevenson, Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

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